From the Written Constitution to written the Parliamentary Manuals

20180206_153902In 2008, when people gave us the mandate to represent our respective Dzongkhags in the Parliament, we were equipped with nothing but Continue reading


Last Visit to Lower Haa for the Term

20180114_084229Walking the less travelled road, sleeping in the most basic shelther, eating the most natural food, I have been visiting the remote part of my constituency for over a decade now. Thinking that it is far convenient to walk to villages than the public coming to Gewog Centre, I have travelled every villages respecting their busy schedule. Continue reading

A HomeTree at Sangbaykha

20171012_130138In the rush to reach roads to Gewog Centres before deadlines, nothing could stand the onslaught of excavators and rock breakers. When the road was being aligned to Sangbaykha from Khamena, I was at this spot last year and requested the locals and the engineers to be kind on this gaint tree and the famous “Meey Dzong”, a rocky hill believed to be the castle of one of the local deities. Continue reading