Prime Minister in NC’s Question Hour

Hon’ble Prime Minister responded by doing his maths interms of number of student’s passing out from class 12 every year which could run in tens of thousands during the National Council’s question hour on the establishment of Colleges in Eastern Dzongkhags. In essence the main reasons for the plan to establish three new colleges in the east are stated by PM as follows: Continue reading

Happy Teacher’s Year!

Yet another day dedicated to another cause. A day to honor and appreciate a very important player in our lives. In fact, if we measure strictly in terms of the impact and influence left by our teachers in our lives, just a day is hardly enough to honor the amount of sacrifices and dedication teachers put in to their profession. It is more than a job. Given the time and energy it entails, one has to have vocation for it. Continue reading

Miracles and auspicious signs of our Gyalsey

The three events of conception, birth and naming of Gyalsey was nothing short of a miracle. It is a known fact that the year is significant as Guru Rinpoche’s birth year and four hundred years of Zhabdrug Ngawang Namgyel’s arrival. However, the birth of Gyalsey turned the year’s significance into a far more meaningful event. Continue reading

A visit to Chari with His Majesty the King

April 10th 2016, Sunday will go down my memory lane as one of the most memorable days of my life. His Majesty the King was offering 6 chests made out of sandal wood to be taken up to Chari Monastery. Fringed with gold-plated metal carving of traditional design, the 6 dark reddish chests ranging from some 35 kg to 55 Kg would be used to store important relics belonging to Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. Chari is historically a very important place, where Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel initiated, conducted and founded many spiritual and secular activities for the country in particular and sentient beings in general. Continue reading