A holy place called Lungchutsey



Gentle gradient and refreshing breeze
Natural forest with chirping birds
Mindful steps and meaningful conversation
Meditative silence in flowering drizzle

Blessings in abundance
Forever may it flow
Unbound by space and time
Whoever wish to see
The essence of truth
The radiance of vast space
That’s what it means- Lungchutshey
A must visit place for all.



Nge Tsa Wai Lama: A flim review

FB_IMG_15068329183051. Do not indulge in alcohol and Drugs
2. Avoid bad company and
3. Do not get distracted by romance
are the three key advices given by his teacher to the main hero (Keta) in the movie.
The movie beautifully tells a story of how he sincerely upholds his teacher’s advice like a sacred instruction from a root Guru until he learns to eat egg. It is a story of how a seemingly harmless egg can be a cause to turn his world upside down. When things go wrong even a thing as delicate as an egg can shake and stir up your firm conviction.
Never knew an egg eating can be so passionate, harmful and hilarious. It’s a romantic flim loaded with meaningful takeaways for our youth. NGE TSA WAI LAMA is a must watch flim particularly for our younger generation.