The Farm Road to Nakha

The farm road from Sambay Gewog centre has taken off. Once complete, this road will connect Nakha Tashigang, which is the furthest village under Sambay Gewog. It is hard for them to believe that the road is finally on its way.

Right now, the first cutting is meandering through Nakhekha village. In an attempt to save their paddy fields, cardamom orchard and fodder trees, some of which are over 40 years old, from the onslaught of excavator, the negotiations amongst the land owners and surveyors became deeply volatile almost getting physical at times.

Livestock rearing being an important source of livelihood, such hue and cry over fodder tree, which is their dearest possession is understandable. But the mindless machine trampled over the fields and uprooted fodder trees indiscriminately without budging from the initial survey line. Before long, people came to terms with the fact that it’s being done fair and square to all. Arguments cooled off, resistance lessened and people became more amenable.

In the meantime, some would have lost more land or more fodder but fairness is not just about statistical equality. Perfect objectivity may be unrealistic but fairness is not. As I continued my journey to the next village, I took note of  people’s tolerance for what they may see as being fair even when it comes at the cost of their dearest possessions.


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