My little Heroes

FB_IMG_1506836812396The teacher in me comes alive, whenever I interact with curious students in schools. When I asked them about their dreams, their response was spontaneous: Doctor, Scientist, Army officer, Teacher, Singer, Soccer player, Pilot, Engineer and the list goes on.

But what’s more amazing was the reason behind their dreams. Doctor because they want to help the sick; Scientist because they want to invent things to help others; Army because they want to protect the country; Teacher because they want to build knowledgable soceity; Singer because they want to popularize traditional songs; Soccer player because they want Bhutan to win the world cup; Pilot because they want to fly people around the world and engineer because they want to build houses for the homeless.

FB_IMG_1506836822271These are the thoughts of our young minds particularly at primary level.
And yet how skeptical our minds have become. I told them that they are my hero and if they keep this thought alive in their hearts, they will be the hero of the country.

Like it is said, a teacher’s heart never grows old, it was rejuvenating listening to our young minds.

Once a teacher, always a teacher.


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